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Welcome to Pool Addicts LLC

Pool Addicts LLC offers reliable quality pool service that is also punctual, professional, and discreet. Whether trying to figure out how to fix a green pool or how often you should clean your pool, you can count on our CPO experts to provide certified pool service in the Ocala area

Our CPO Certification Pool Service means we are Certified Pool and Spa Operators. We took and passed a test and training to properly and safely utilize the chemicals your swimming pool needs for the water to be of the best quality and avoid harmful water-borne illnesses as instructed by the Pool and Hot Tub Alliance. We are salt pool experts, also known as saline pools. We know how to treat salt pools and keep the salt cell in good shape.

We are an insured pool service business. Our General Liability Insurance gives you peace of mind. We are a family business owned by a husband and wife team.


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Why Choose Pool Addicts LLC

Quality Services

We provide great quality of service.

Experienced Team

We have a great experienced team.

Affordable Pricing

We provide great service in affordable price .

Quality Product

We provide quality product to you.

"We are raising expectations of what a pool service can and should be doing for you!”

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